Philadelphia Stationery Designer's Guide to Custom Monograms


Burnt Orange + Brown Monogrammed Wedding Invitation by Philadelphia Stationery Designer April Lynn Designs

Burnt Orange + Brown Monogrammed Wedding Invitation by Philadelphia Stationery Designer April Lynn Designs

Designing a custom monogram is like a lot of the other aspects of being a Philadelphia stationery designer. It’s more complicated than it looks! Lots of couples like them on their wedding invitations, and some even structure their wedding’s theme around their monogram. Monograms look great on all aspects of wedding stationery, and they can be made into more elaborate details, like cake toppers and centerpieces. Some DJs and lighting professionals will even shine a monogram spotlight onto the dance floor throughout your entire reception!

First, though, you have to decide how you’ll have your monogram designed. That’s no small decision! Here’s a quick breakdown of different types of wedding monograms, what they represent, and how you can use them in your wedding.

Single Initial

The simplest type of wedding monogram uses the single initial of the couples’ new, shared last name. Brittni and Brandon’s was an “S” for Shoemaker, which appeared as a watermark on their invitations. They also had a sparkly rhinestone cake topper made that matched the monogram I created for them. Whatever font you choose for your custom monogram should be the same throughout your wedding details, unless you’re shooting for a more eclectic style.

Double Initial

This type of monogram stands in the spirit of equality. If you and your spouse-to-be won’t be sharing a last name, you can have a monogram created out of both your initials! You can choose to use the initials of both names right next to each other, or use a plus sign, ampersand, or a simple horizontal for a more modern monogram. Each initial should be the same size, but you’ll have to decide whose will come first : )

Triple Initial

You can symbolize your union with a custom monogram made from both of your first initials with the initial of your new, shared last name in the middle. Typically the last name initial is larger, and the woman’s first initial is on the left, out of courtesy, although this is by no means set in stone. Lisa and Josh had this type of monogram on their invitations.

Whatever type of monogram you choose, make sure it represents who you are as a couple! People should think of you when they see it, which is what a custom monogram is all about, after all.

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