Philadelphia Stationery Designer Interview With Make Me Glam


Meet Tina from Make Me Glam! I’ve collaborated with this amazing professional makeup studio on many occasions, including weddings and styled shoots. I also designed their logo!


I sat down with Tina to ask her a few questions about the wedding makeup industry, her business, and her advice for brides:


1. What do you love most about doing makeup for weddings?

Entering the industry 10 years ago, I quickly fell in love with the notion that a good lipstick could really make a woman instantly feel beautiful. It propelled me to want to artistically enhance women’s natural beauty and make them feel like the best version of themselves.

Our wedding is something we’ve all dreamt about as a little girl, and I get to be a part of the fairy tale. It is the best feeling in the world to know I am making women feel beautiful and giving them the confidence they need to guide them down the aisle.


2. What would you recommend as far as pre-wedding beauty treatments for the bride?

I always highly recommend exfoliating twice a week and using a good moisturizer  day and night. A facial regimen is also important starting a few months prior and once a month until the big day. This helps to prep the skin for a smooth makeup application.


3. Are there any pre-wedding beauty “don’ts”?

We all want clear skin for any special occasion. However, picking and popping won’t help for a flawless complexion. Any dry skin or inflammation will be noticeable with or without a great coverage foundation–so put down the magnifier ladies! Let your esthetician work her magic.


4. What are some of the most common beauty mistakes brides make?

Your eyebrows are such an important part of your expression and help to frame your beautiful eyes. But please, if you’re going to wax your brows, please allow 3-4 days prior to your wedding so the foundation can adhere to your skin!


5. What products should the bride have on hand throughout her wedding day?

I always like to use a brand name lipstick when choosing the best lip shade for my clients so it’s convenient to find in stores. That’s a must to re-apply through the day. Since we specialize in airbrush foundation, you lucky girls don’t need to touch up anything!


6. What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a wedding makeup artist?

I think the hardest part is the open dialog. If we’ve never done your makeup before and you walk in with a blank canvas (because we’ve asked!) sometimes it’s hard to convey the look you actually like, instead of what you may think you like.

Trials are so very important. This is your time to really try something you saw in a magazine that you haven’t yet, or maybe play with colors. Ultimately, we are here for you, and we won’t take offense to anything. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions or try something new!


7. What are some of your favorite wedding makeup trends?

I’m loving the bold lips! There is definitely the right dark lip for every skin tone. And thanks to a few amazing makeup companies out there (Tarte, Stila, MakeUp Forever, to name a few) the non-transferable lipsticks are perfect for that night on the town!


 8. Do you have any quick makeup tips or tricks you’d be willing to share?

So often I hear women tell me they never wear makeup because they’re afraid they don’t look right or can’t achieve the look they’re going for. LADIES! You are gorgeous. There are features on your face that would love to be enhanced. Stop into your local Sephora and look around, try it on, and wear it proud. If you have questions, ask! Us makeup girls are dying to make you feel empowered and beautiful.


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