Philadelphia Custom Stationery Designer's Guide to Thank Yous for All Occasions!

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Philadelphia Custom Stationery Designer | Thank Yous


Philadelphia Custom Stationery Designer | Thank Yous


I’d like to take a minute to talk about something that often comes up in the Philadelphia custom stationery designer community. No one ever writes thank yous anymore! It used to be a standard part of social living, but now, it’s practically unheard of. I’m personally a fan of the thank you note, so I’d like to provide a list of occasions when they’re required and expected, as well as a few times when it’s just nice to receive one.

I guess I should start off by saying that there’s no wrong time to send a thank you note. Everyone appreciates them, and they show your heartfelt appreciation. Depending on the formality of the situation, you can write someone a text, an e-mail, or message them on Facebook. However, it’s tough to beat the handwritten note in terms of warmth. I also love receiving requests for personalized stationery or custom thank yous to coordinate with an event’s theme.

Here are some of the occasions that I typically design thank yous for:


From-the-heart thank yous are absolutely required for wedding gifts! You’ve got a three month deadline for writing them, but try to start as soon as you can. You can refer to this previous post of mine for wording and other tips on how to write thank yous for wedding gifts.


Bridal showers and baby showers are largely constructed around the giving and receiving of gifts. This is another mandatory thank-you situation. That’s true even if you had a chance to thank your guest for her gift in person!

Birthday or Christmas Gifts

It used to be that any gift occasion warranted a thank you note, but nowadays, it’s considered acceptable to thank the giver in person. However, if you receive the gift in the mail, a thank you is in order! Handwritten cards also deserve an equally thoughtful response.

Condolences or Gifts Received During an Illness

Gifts and notes delivered as condolences are a display of thoughtfulness, and they should be repaid in kind. However, in this situation it is acceptable to have a close friend or relative write notes on the recipient’s behalf, should they be indisposed.

Are you a thank you writer, or do you aspire to be one? Contact me to set up a consultation for your custom stationery!

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