Custom Wedding Stationery: 5 Reasons to Plan Ahead!

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Custom Wedding Invitations | Silver + Coral Wedding Invitations by April Lynn Designs

Custom Wedding Invitations | Silver + Coral Wedding Invitations by April Lynn Designs

Yesterday, I talked a little bit about the design process. One thing I really tried to underline was this: plan ahead! There are lots of reasons to leave plenty of time for the custom wedding stationery creation process. Here are five of them:

1. Avoid Rush Fees

Have you ever heard the phrase “You can’t rush art!”? Well, it turns out, you can! A shortened timeline has its price, however. You can avoid paying rush fees by scheduling your orders according to my suggested timeline.

2. Time to Proof

The proofing process is important! If you’re worried about getting your invitations out on time, you might rush through it and miss something important. Make sure you have time to be thorough. Don’t be afraid to use the three revisions I offer to their fullest potential, either. It’s not uncommon for the design to be just right on the first try, but if you count on that, you could find yourself without enough time.

3. Assembly

The assembly process can be fun, especially if you get your bridesmaids together or have a couple’s night. However, if you have to rush through it, it can quickly turn into an arduous chore. If you have a large guest list, leave yourself time to organize help or to complete the assembly process over a couple of days.

4. Determining Postage

Mailing custom wedding invitations usually requires additional postage, since they’re often heavy. You’ll need to weigh them and, if your invitations are fragile, look into hand canceling. If you leave ample time, you’ll also be able to order some cute custom stamps!

5. Order Everything!

The more you plan ahead, the more time we’ll have to create as much custom wedding stationery as you want! Save the dates, favors, menus, programs, escort cards, thank yous… these are all essential to any wedding, and having them custom created to match your wedding invitations will really wow your guests.

Are you ready to order your custom wedding stationery? Contact me and schedule your consultation!

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