How to Dress as a Wedding Guest


Aside from the traditional details on an invitation (names, date, time, location), one of the top concerns of any and every guest is the dress code. During the design process, each couple and I talk through all of the dress codes to decide on the appropriate wording for their wedding invitation. However, sometimes a couple […]

Online Tools That Complement Custom Wedding Stationery

Appy Couple

The wedding planning process has benefitted so much from the digital age! So many tools are available to help you plan every step. Custom wedding stationery is a less modern tradition, but it still pairs marvelously with certain apps and online tools! Here are just a few of the best ones out there: Pinterest This […]

How Much Should You Spend on Custom Wedding Stationery?

The biggest question in the wedding planning process, besides the one that set everything in motion, is “How much should we spend?” The wedding budget is different for every couple. Not just because of income differences, but because of differing priorities! The guiding rule should be to spend on what’s important to you, and save […]

Quotes, Passages + Poems for Your Invitations

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Julia + Jay's Wedding Invitation

Choosing the wording on your custom wedding invitations can be tricky. If you like the sound and structure of traditional wording, here’s my guide that includes every possible combination of hosts. If your invitation will be a little more personal, though, you have lots more options! One thing that couples do is choose a quote, passage, or […]

Custom Wedding Invitations on a Budget

Philadelphia Stationery Design | Gothic Chic Wedding Invitations in Munaluchi Magazine

I haven’t really had a chance to talk about wedding budgets yet. Today, I just wanted to focus on how to create your budget for your custom wedding invitations. I tend to design for couples who greatly prioritize the details of their wedding! Having your paper custom-designed is a great way to create a cohesive look. Here […]

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