How to Dress as a Wedding Guest


Aside from the traditional details on an invitation (names, date, time, location), one of the top concerns of any and every guest is the dress code. During the design process, each couple and I talk through all of the dress codes to decide on the appropriate wording for their wedding invitation. However, sometimes a couple […]

Wedding Invitation Etiquette LKF (Little Known Facts)


Etiquette, especially when it comes to weddings, can seem like a secret code. Just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, some tiny faux pas trips you up! Most likely, your guests will forgive you. They may not even notice. Still, over the years, I’ve collected a few wedding invitation etiquette facts that […]

More Wedding Invitation "Don'ts"


Last week, I covered a few things that you shouldn’t include on your wedding invitations. This week, I thought I’d continue the theme of what not to do. These are a few things that I try to steer my clients away from during the custom wedding invitation design process: Offending Your B-List Everybody has a […]

What NOT to Include in Custom Wedding Invitations


I’ve spent a lot of time advising my clients, at our consultations and in blog posts, about what to write on their custom wedding invitations. I haven’t really taken the time to talk about what not to include. Sometimes that can be even more important! Here are a few things that I advise you skip when […]

Hosting a Post-Wedding Brunch

Your big day is over! Now what? If the bride and groom aren’t boarding a plane for their honeymoon, it’s traditional to host a brunch the morning after the wedding. It’s a great way to thank your guests and send everyone off on a high note. Who’s Invited? As long as your venue can accommodate them, you can invite your […]

Wedding Attire Wording for Your Philadelphia Wedding Invitations

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Glitter Snow Wedding Invitations

Weddings come with a specific set of etiquette guidelines. As a guest, it can be difficult to discern what’s expected of you. It can be even harder for the bride and groom to communicate those expectations! You don’t want to be too demanding, but you also want to get the idea across. It’s usually a […]

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations: Etiquette, Advice, + Wording

Rehearsal Dinner Invitations by April Lynn Designs

Your wedding rehearsal will typically take place the day before your wedding. The rehearsal dinner takes place afterward, as a night-before-the-wedding tradition. It doesn’t have to be a formal affair, but if you’d like it to be, you’ll need rehearsal dinner invitations! I get a lot of questions about the different types of wedding stationery, including rehearsal […]

Should You Mention Your Registry On Your Philadelphia Wedding Invitations?

Philadelphia Wedding Invitations | Gold Foil Wedding Invitation

I went into registries a little bit in last week’s post about bridal shower invitations. I thought I’d continue in that vein this week, and give a more in-depth explanation of registry etiquette. Lots of people wonder if registry information belongs on Philadelphia wedding invitations. I’ll answer that question, and a couple of others that […]

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Trimming Down Your Guest List

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Trimming Down Your Guest List

When I design a couple’s Philadelphia custom wedding invitations, I often witness the phenomenon of the ballooning guest list! It’s amazing how quickly the number of people you want to invite can add up. It’s common for couples to feel obligated to invite everyone they know, or at least everyone they’re related to… but there […]

An Outer Envelope For Your Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations?

Philadelphia Custom Wedding Invitations | Silver Glitter Wedding Invitation + Glitter-Lined Envelope

I get these questions all the time when I’m helping couples design their Philadelphia custom wedding invitations: what is an outer envelope, exactly? Do we need one? Will my friends and family expect my wedding invitations to come with an outer envelope? I’m here to answer all your outer envelope questions! Starting with a little […]

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